ZAKATTE stands for economic, social and ecological sustainability

100% recycled paper

Whether shipping cartons, brand labels, flyers or documents, we only use recycled paper that has been marked with the "Blue Angel" eco-label or the "Euroblume" European eco-label. The production saves up to 70% water and 60% energy compared to virgin fiber paper.


Climate neutral shipping

We ship as goods post with Deutsche Post and as a package with DHL GOGREEN.
Greenhouse gas emissions are generated when shipping goods, and GOGREEN can neutralize these emissions. More information about GOGREEN


   Waste reduction

The best waste is the one that does not arise. By reusing reusable packaging, resources are conserved, energy saved and the climate protected. Waste packaging that can not be avoided should be recycled in closed material cycles as high as possible. ZAKATTE is therefore consistently committed to environmentally friendly reusable packaging systems for waste prevention and, if necessary, to their high-quality recycling or disposal.


Disposal system

As the so-called first-time supplier of packaging, we must ensure that this packaging is properly disposed of. We have complied with this obligation by registering with the Central Office Packaging Registers and thus participating financially in a disposal system.